During my product design internship at Memebox, our series C funding raised over $60m. In light of this news, we realized we needed to revamp our About Us page before any major PR releases -- and we needed to do it fast! The About Us page at that time was terribly outdated. The font did not match our standard typeface, the colors did not match our brand, the content itself was inaccurate, and the contact information was unhelpful. I took on this opportunity to redesign and rebrand the page. Here's what it looked like before.


I started out by asking the four main questions at the core of my design process, before getting into any details of wireframing or visual elements. I always prioritize asking questions and pinpointing the problem at hand to solve before delving into possible solutions.

  1. Who is this for?
  2. Why are we doing this?
  3. What are we doing?
  4. Why are we doing this?


Interested investors, stakeholders, and even our buying customers. We expected lots of incoming traffic from places like TechCrunch, HackerNews, and other outlets that attract people interested in startups and business. To acknowledge this, I made notes to include not just basic info of what we sell, but what makes us different: our value proposition of digital content, and consumer-to-buyer approach. And to keep things fresh for our customers -- especially new users unfamiliar with Korean beauty -- a section on "Why K-beauty?" and information about our product lines.


The main purpose was to prep for new incoming traffic from our PR releases. Recognizing this reason helped me be conscious of the professionalism needed, while still balancing the friendly tone we aspire for at Memebox.


The project itself was initially to simply update the text and typeface to be correct, but I took the opportunity to update the layout, photos, and tone of the entire page. The drawback here was that, our engineering resources were limited since the team was working on an entire new project, so it had to be implementable within hours. I was able to design a beautiful yet informative experience with engineering restrictions in mind from my programming background.


I started by brainstorming these questions. Then, I had several mentors and colleagues proofread my content -- all information had to be correct, accurate, but still friendly, so I consulted both the Head of Operations as well as our copywriter, and several others. I've come to realize that the best writings are always those that are peer-reviewed several times. Then, I created wireframes on Sketch, uploaded to Zeplin, and communicated with our front-end engineers to bring the design to life.


Here's what it looks like now! I would have loved to share my wireframes, but as part of my contract I was not allowed to keep any of my actual design work files, but the page is up and live :-) I focused on content voice, stakeholder goals, and style consistency.

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