Unprocrastinator was my first dive into front-end engineering. It's a web app that learns about you as you use it -- think Nest for your own personal calendar! Tasks are added, time estimates are made, and the more data you enter while using it, the better it helps you figure out how to manage your time. In this group class project, I was appointed as the main front-end developer. Our team of six consisted of students from diverse backgrounds in design, server-side engineering, and cognitive science. We completed our own semester-long project from the very beginnings (project proposals and ideation) and used the skills we developed throughout the semester (design, development, and teamwork!) to make our web app come to life.


As the front-end developer, my primary task was to bring the designated designer's prototypes to life. The languages used are primarily JavaScipt and jQuery, used with Node.js and Firebase to make a working full-stack app. I learned a lot about version control with Git, using pre-existing libraries available online for implementing features such as calendar datepickers, timers, progress bars, and a lot of Bootstrap.


A fully detailed write-up can be found in this PDF here. And if you'd like to explore the app yourself, check it out here!

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